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PIcture of owner Monique and family


Well hello there. So here is a bit about us...well us is pretty much just little ol me with the help of my family. And some occasional friends.

Most classes are run, developed & taught by myself. With the exception of some classes like crochet & painting. I let my friends use my site to offer classes so we have a wide variety available and that is also why the selection changes often.

But let me tell you about me. I am someone that LOVES creating, crafting & making stuff. I love to try new techniques & crafts. But most of all I love to Share The Crafty Life with others. I think crafting is a great way to just be free to be creative and let go of some stress and just have fun. I come from a long line of crafters. My mom, Grandmother & Great Grandmother even my grand father all love & loved to craft. My mom lives with me and she has her side of our craft studio where she loves to make jewelry, I remember going to my grandmothers house for a week or two during winter break just to help make handmade ornaments & to decorate from scratch. My great-grandmother who died 
just before I was born owned a craft & party supply store in Los Angeles. My grand father who loves to make vignettes & sewed clothes for my mother & grandmother because they couldn't afford to buy them at stores. My brothers are even in on the crafting. My brother Demetrius makes props & custom cosplay outfits for my niece. And man Halloween displays to wow. My brother Huitzi sews and tattoos people for fun. He makes jewelry and anything else he can figure out. It's just tin the blood.

I have taught crafting for over 10 years now. And have been crafting nearly all my life. born 1976 so that's a really long time. I know I look good for my age

I am Monique Leslie, Maker, crafter, owner, instructor of Misfit Crafter & Misfit Crafter Studio
Living & Sharing The Crafty Life!

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Alejandra Valero

Ali Is our Crochet Instructor.

She can make all kinds of cute crochet items, baby clothes & children's clothes.

She will occasionally help with parties as well.

And her family is too adorable for words.

image of cute yellow and white baby shorts with flowers handmade by Ali
Crochet examples for class
Image of Alejandra Valero, Instructor
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