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Feeling crushed by all those EPIC Cricut Maker projects? Don't you fret, Cricut Joy crafters! We're throwing a FREE project party just for you (and your Joy Xtra buddy). Get ready for awesome projects, killer speakers & a chance to unleash your inner crafter! Grab your FREE ticket to the party now before it disappears faster than glitter after a crafting marathon!

Click the ticket now!

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Member Benefits
Afterpay now avaialble for Misfit Crafter Studio

Unleash Your Maker Mojo at Misfit Crafter Studio & Shop Misfit Crafter Menagerie!

Tired of cookie-cutter crafts? At Misfit Crafter Studio, we're all about celebrating your unique creative spark!

Fuel your maker passion:

  • Freebies galore! Patterns, printables, tutorials – ignite your creativity without breaking the bank.

  • Craft your story in classes and workshops, learn from amazing masters and hone your skills.

  • Find your tribe in our vibrant online community, share your creations and get inspired by fellow makers.

  • Dive into our inspirational blog, brimming with ideas for your next masterpiece.

Step into the Misfit Crafter Menagerie:

  • Explore a digital wonderland: Junk journal kits overflowing with vintage treasures, cutting-edge tools, and endless possibilities.

  • Discover tangible wonders: Handcrafted mugs, whimsical stickers, and vibrant junk journals – each a unique canvas for your artistry.

  • Shop unique handmade goodies from fellow makers and find the perfect tools to fuel your next project.

No matter your skill level, Misfit Crafter Studio & Misfit Crafter Menagerie is your haven for:

  • Embracing your inner maker.

  • Unleashing your creativity.

  • Crafting your story.

  • Finding your tribe.

  • Living the Crafty Life!

P.S. Sign up for a free Misfit Crafter Studio account and unlock a world of crafting magic! ✨

New Shop Items

Self Paced Workshops

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Follow On TikTok for Inspo and Shopping.
Take advantage of TikTok discounts and free Shipping while available.
Almost all the items in the Misfit Crafter Menagerie shop here, are also in o
ur TikTok Shop. If you don't see it message us and we will add it. * *We are unable to add digital products to TikTok. (TikTok said no lol)
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